GMC Hummer EV Preview

GMC Hummer EV

There’s a new buzz around town in Little River, SC and it’s coming from an electric engine! GMC has revealed perhaps it’s most ambitious vehicle to date—the Hummer EV. This all-electric super truck is as innovative as it is powerful, delivering a package of performance and technology no other pickup ever made can offer. The experts at Bell & Bell GMC are here to share everything we know about this industry-altering vehicle!

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A Silent Truck with Statement-Making Performance

While electric vehicles have occupied a niche market in the automotive industry for years, the GMC Hummer EV promises to elevate the electric-powered pickup to elite status. This watt-wheeling monster will offer up to 1,000 horsepower and 11,500 lb.-ft. of torque! That’s not a typo, that’s a testament to the technology packed into every inch of this super truck. Numbers like those could allow the GMC Hummer EV to tow the gas pump into extinction. Pair that performance with the practicality of a GM-estimated 350+ mile range and you’ve got a truck that’s ripe to start a revolution.

Off-Road Ready Technology in the GMC Hummer EV

You might think any vehicle that goes from 0-60 in approximately 3 seconds is made for a racetrack. But the GMC Hummer EV was built to maintain the Hummer legacy of off-road domination. This all-electric super truck adds brains to its ancestor’s brawn, offering never-before-seen technology wherever you turn.

An available crabwalk setting makes use of the Hummer EV’s 4-wheel steering to drive the vehicle diagonally through the trickiest trails imaginable. Extract mode utilizes adaptive air ride suspension to raise the super truck about 6 inches, allowing you to cruise comfortably over any obstacle. Toss in GMC’s Ultravision system with underbody cameras as well as 35-inch tires and you’ve got a super truck that can go where no other vehicle would dare.

Step Inside the GMC Hummer EV

As innovative as the GMC Hummer EV looks to be under the hood and on the trail, this electric vehicle promises to provide a one-of-a-kind experience inside as well. An infinity roof with modular sky panels allows you to enjoy a star-studded night whenever and wherever you’d like. GMC’s Super Cruise system with driver-assistance technology and lane change assist enables hands-free driving on more than 200,000 miles of compatible roads. Owning a GMC Hummer EV will be like owning a washing machine in medieval times. It might make people’s head spin, but this all-electric super truck will make your every move more exciting.

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GMC Hummer

We know you probably have a lot a questions. After all, a vehicle like the GMC Hummer EV has never graced the streets of Little River, SC or anywhere else for that matter. Our team at Bell & Bell GMC is here to help you get acclimated with this all-electric super truck. Contact us online or visit our dealership to get in on the ground floor of an off-road revolution.

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